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A captivating blend of art book and autobiography, Book Marks illuminates how books can leave indelible impressions on our lives. At its heart are over 430 richly illustrated artworks that are part of an ongoing project, comprising hundreds of repurposed checkout cards filed in a two-drawer library case. Using collage and drawing, artist Barbara Page began converting these obsolete library cards in 2008 as a colorful system for remembering books she was reading. Soon, she began making “book marks” for titles from her early childhood, eventually recreating seven decades of her reading history. These artworks are interwoven with personal accounts of Page’s life as a child, young housewife, pilot, widow, and traveler, illuminating how our memories of books are anchored not only to the story itself, but also to events and images beyond the book’s cover...

Book Marks
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Featured Art Review by Arthur Whitman - Ithaca Times May 3, 2021

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