North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences --- Bridge to Discovery
The 268 porcelain tiles on the railings of the bridge serve as a visual metaphor for the 550 million years between the origin of macroscopic life on this planet and the present. Fossil flora and fauna make their appearance in chronological order, and all of the organisms are depicted at true scale. North Carolina fossils are featured.
The floor of the 140 foot long bridge is divided into twelve sections which represent the twelve geological periods between the dawn of the Paleozoic era and today. This measure of time passing is coordinated with the sequencing of tiles on the bridge railings The geological timeline on the floor is overlaid with the life size footprints of animals living in each designated period.

  • 1Page-NCBridge
    Looking West
    NC Museum of Natural Sciences
    Raleigh, NC
  • 2Page-NCbridgedetail
    Detail of Rock of Ages of porcelain tiles
    Each tile 12” x 12”
  • 3Page-NCbridgemodel
    Accordion book mockup of array of tiles for railings of bridge
  • 5Page-NCfloor1
    Detail of bridge floor
    Pavers sandblasted with geological time scale and life-size tracks of prehistoric animals
    6’ x 134’
  • 4Page-NCtiles
    Rock of Ages porcelain tiles
    Each tile 12” x 12”